This Website has been built by David Vidgen Ltd. An Inbound Marketing Agency in Birmingham, specialising in mobile and tablet responsive website designs and inbound marketing that focus on acquiring new customers from search engines and social media websites. We oversee search, display and other opportunities to attract new business for Horses 4 Courses UK. 

Our main responsibility is to drive a quality audience to visit and engage with the website, funnelling visitors through the appropriate channels depending on where they are in the buyers journey. For example, non members can access rich snippets of each article on the home page. This is designed to give visitors a glimpse of the tipsters knowledge and encourage them to become fully paid monthly subscribers. Of course to protect the membership, only a 100 word glimpse of the content is viewable and in order to view the full articles, a membership subscription is required.  David Vidgen Ltd were able to achieve this using sophisticated bespoke WordPress software that has been specifically designed for membership websites. It was easily integrated with PayPal, so ongoing monthly subscriptions could be achieved and maintained. Such is the power of the software, it also allows for free trials, different membership categories, and the ability to protect all types of content accordingly. 

David VidgenOne of the strengths of David Vidgen Ltd is that they have the ability to operate multiple campaigns across direct response channels, agency management, excellent analytical properties and the ability to spot and capitalise on opportunities. They have a good understanding of the relationship between revenue, margin and spend including running Organic and PPC campaigns via Google Adwords and other PPC bidding platforms. They have an exceptional knowledge of technical SEO and they manage direct response budgets in excess of £100k+.

David Vidgen Ltd believe that the sole purpose of any website is to attract, convert and turn visitors into new customers, ensuring that we maximise our clients return on investment. David Vidgen recently Won BirminghamNewsPlus Digital Marketing Award for best ‘Marketing on a Shoestring’. Inbound Marketing is at the forefront of everything they do, making sure their websites have excellent call-to-action, landing pages and content that drives the sales and marketing process and the building of data lists. They are then able to segment this data for ongoing marketing communications, particularly through the use of email.

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