This is a betting assistance website that will point you in the right direction with the aim to make your betting profitable over the coming months and years.

Primarily but not exclusively this site will deal with horse racing, however I will be covering other sports when I believe they will benefit you.

There will be those who will say, “Why do you need to charge for this if you are a long term winner anyway?” To those people I will say that I put a lot of time and effort into what I do and have spent many thousands of hours doing, and making public, over the past two years. Why should it be freely available just because it has been for that time period? If you, or they, do not want to pay a small fee for the work I put in and the information I put up then there is no need for you to do so. If enough people join then I will carry on with this venture and if not, well, we’ll see.

I should say that I do not follow any other gambler’s modus operandi, preferring to trust my own judgement, eyes and ears.  There will be losing days, there may even be losing weeks, but ultimately there will be LONG TERM profits to be made.

Most of all there will be value. I will not be recommending horses that anyone could find with one hand in a pitch black room. Those of you that have followed me for long enough will know that price does not put me off and, more than that, it excites me, turns me on (if you like) to the prospect of a bet. Price is not an obstacle but our friend and the reason a lot of gambles come off, or are not attempted.

Whether you like it or not horse racing is FAR FROM a straight sport. The whole ethos of gambling invites those who can to try and obtain an edge to do just that, usually via the handicapping system. Connections run horses in races that are over the wrong distance, on unfavourable ground, at tracks that do no suit and in races where the horse is  often over faced, this gives the connections of those horses a reason to cite for its poor performance. These poor performances ultimately lead to the handicapper relenting, connections then try to find a suitable race (from a much reduced mark) where track, trip, going, draw and opposition are in their favour before having a tilt at the ring.

I have been highlighting these horses on my blog, and will continue to do so on this website. Horses will be mentioned and lists kept of those that are running every day with a verdict on the chances of those horses trying on their coming runs. Other horses will be put up because their circumstances invite us to consider the chances of them showing improvement or running beyond the expectations of their price.

There have been numerous successes over the years from my methodology (namely 22nd January 2014 – Curley day) and there will be many more to come.  I would hope, and half expect, that those of you that have followed my work know that my reasons are true and honest. My judgement is good and I always endeavour to do my best by the people who listen to me.

Going forward, I hope that many of you will join me, I’m sure it will be a profitable, enlightening and educational journey, letting you see what really goes on behind closed doors of the UK racing scene, in turn giving you many angles in that would have remained unconsidered.